Real estate investments provide tremendous potential to grow your wealth. It can be a great avenue to diversify your portfolio in order to generate significant and stable returns. Long-term wealth can be created by buying the right rental property, leveraging the banks money, letting a tenant pay off your mortgage and enjoy property appreciation. 

If Real Estate Investing feels like it might be right for you I can walk you through some options that are available today that may fit your investing criteria.
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Property Management 

Currently we manage over 45 properties for our investors and the average return on investment is 10.2%. We can help you create wealth and cash flow through real estate investing. We have a department that focuses on finding investment properties that hit the right numbers, offer the right returns, and then we send them to our clients. We don't just send out every listing that hits the market we analyze them first to find the right fit for you.

Current Opportunites

If a turn key investment is more your strategy we have a number of options available today. If you are open to all real estate investments whether the home is already leased out or if the home needs some TLC (which we have contractors for all the work) we can find the perfect investment for you. 

1. Invest in a Multi-Family Building in the Inner Loop

There are benefits to investing into multi-family buildings however they do cost a little more as far as the down payment is concerned.

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2. Invest in a Single Family Residence 

One of the advantages to investing into a single family home is that typically the down payment is lower and that we have a program where you can buy 10 homes in 10 months with very little out of pocket. 

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3. Invest in New Development Projects

The biggest advantage to investing in new development projects is the potential for a higher return. We have seen the return on investment as high as 20%. 

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4. Invest in Flipping Homes

I know what you are thinking I don't have time for this. However, the key is partnering with the right people! We are those people, we are always on the hunt for homes that need to be renovated and revitalized. The great thing about this is not only do you earn a great ROI, you're also helping the community fix an eye sore. 

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